Tuesday, October 9, 2012


   Hi, and welcome to the first post here at Budget Prepper. This first post will be an introduction, and a general outline of what I intend this blog to be. I'm by no means a professional writer, so I won't bother trying to write like one. What you read is who I am. No more-no less.

   I'm Chris, a 47 year old from northeast Ohio. I'm a pretty simple guy. I've worked in retail, the firearms business, construction, and on a produce farm.  My interests range from hunting and fishing, to emergency preparedness and homesteading. I wrote another blog for 4 years,(http://1acreohiohomestead.blogspot.com/), and enjoyed it very much. But as my interests began to broaden, I found myself in a dilemma. I wanted to add more emergency preparedness writing yet keep the homesteading aspect that I started with. The blog was beginning to seem just like I was elsewhere across the internet on some forums that I frequent-I was too "homestead" for the survival folks, and I was too "survival" for the homestead people. I was talking about making things when others were paying high prices for the same thing bought from a website or store. I was getting my emergency supplies from thrift stores and yard sales while many were going to the big box retailers and web stores that sell pallets of freeze dried foods.

    I thought that my simple, low cost, common sense approach would catch on with both sides, but instead I found my regular readers and comments dimishing. Once again, I felt like a bit of an outcast in my own tiny piece of cyberspace. Between feeling lost in that, and other issues in my home life, I quit writing in One Acre Homestead completely. I made a few posts promising to return and write, but my heart just wasn't in it.

   So here I am; starting a new blog with new intentions. I plan to keep writing on my homesteading adventures here on one acre, but also to give; by my own example; advice on how to prep (and homestead) without breaking the bank and keeping a level head. I don't know where this road will go, but feel free to tag along for the ride!


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